Confronting Death
Embracing Life

Love, Laughter, Kindness
at the end of life

“This book captures, in gentle and compassionate words,
the end-of-life transition. It gives information and comfort.”

– Nancy Pensis, MS, MSW, Crisis Interventionist and Cancer Survivor

Practical Advice from an End-of-Life Companion

Introducing Priscilla Ronan's new, award-winning book

We will all face death at some point in our lives. Our own, of course, but more than likely someone we love will precede us. The difficulty end-of-life companions face is they find themselves without a guide during one of the most difficult moments of their lives.

Priscilla has written a simple, easy-to-read book that addresses the concerns of a person watching another nearing the end of life. Through a series of stories based on her own experiences, the author helps you to navigate through the ups and downs associated with death and grief.

A Book in Three Parts

Part One

Choosing the role you take when interacting with someone who is dying

Part Two

Determine what to do and say in various situtations surrounding the dying process

Part Three

Learn how to care for yourself during an often very difficult and demainding time

"Priscilla Ronan's wise, gentle voice is that of an old friend, unfolding a roadmap to help families navigate a loved one's last days."

-Marylee MacDonald, Award-Winning Author, Writing Coach, Caregiver Advocate