Priscilla Ronan

Priscilla Ronan combines her humor, empathy and lighthearted approach to life with an entrepreneurial business background when writing and speaking about issues relating to death and dying. She uses her skills as an end-of-life companion, a life coach, and a trainer to help others be more comfortable when dealing with someone who is dying.

Priscilla’s diverse background includes a master’s degree in special education with postgraduate work in process-oriented psychology. As a young wife and mother of four sons, she pioneered programs for developmentally disabled children, developed a toddler Montessori program, and taught kindergarten. She went on to create a company specializing in personal communication and leadership training. 

Pris is a certified hospice volunteer and describes herself as a woman honored to be with someone who is dying. She has been dealing with the dying and terminally ill for over three decades, both professionally and personally.

Pris now enjoys being a full-time writer and speaker on end-of-life issues; finds joy with her husband, sons, and young grandchildren; and continues as a hospice volunteer. Her passion is holding vigil with hospice patients in the final hours of life.


“Priscilla Ronan has a number of gifts, not the least of which is her unique connection with people who are at the brink of dying”

– Bill Erwin, President of Life Design, Inc. and Arizona State University Professor

My Most Important Roles

Pris at age five getting ready for her life's work